[Review]: Kathleen’s Quick Oats

A pattern seems to be emerging here at Shutters and Honey!


With being active, breakfast is SUPER important! We make a conscious effort to always eat a solid breakfast before we start our day. The oatmeal cups we’re reviewing today are PERFECT for the mornings you don’t want to put a whole lot of effort into the day’s beginning.

We found these little gems at Costco and they came in two varieties. The Ancient variety was the first one that we grabbed out of the variety pack and it is loaded with good things! It states plainly on the container that it contains flax meal, hemp, chia, AND brown sugar. That’s quite a great selection of healthy qualities!! Not to mention it is clearly labeled as gluten free right in plain view!

When we peeled back the seal, we were greeted with your typical oatmeal cup. The instructions on the side of the cup were very simple and precise. Children would be more than capable of following the instructions and making their own breakfast! Fantastic news, right Mommies?!

The instructions also give the option of microwave or just adding hot water to the cup. Either option is relatively simple and quick in results.

When you add the water to the oatmeal, it will definitely look like you added too much! When we made the oatmeal the first time, we did not cover the top of the container. This resulted in a watery mess! We recommend that you cover the container for a few minutes in order for the oatmeal to soak up the heat and moisture better. This will result in the oatmeal being less watery and more on the gooey side that oatmeal should be!

Overall, the oatmeal is fantastic! It solidifies well, it tastes great, and there’s plenty of room to fill the cup with more goodies! The oats aren’t crunchy in the slightest and the texture of the oatmeal is classic. I definitely would recommend this product to my allergen families due to the reasonable price point, the amount that you receive, and the ease of preparation.

Oh! And one last recommendation! Add a little cinnamon and vanilla for a small boost!


[Review]: Ardenne Cinnamon Muffins

Hello lovelies!

I know it’s been a small minute since the last time I posted, but today I’m back again! BOY! This time around I have a WONDERFUL review for you!

I have the perfect on-the-go breakfast for those mornings the kids aren’t moving fast enough, the alarm clock decided to take a vacation, or the bed was just so warm and inviting! The moment you take a bite of these, you won’t be able to get enough!

I found this mix at my local produce stand (lucky for me they have a nice little selection of allergy friendly products!) for $5.99. The price was a little on the steep side, but my family recently enjoyed the blueberry muffin of the same brand, so I thought “Why not?”. The packaging itself is rather simple in design. The front displays a photograph that roughly showcases the end product, but ultimately does not do the muffins justice. As a sufferer of food intolerances, I greatly appreciate how Ardenne clearly labels the item with a clear gluten free label! Also those of special diet preferences, this product is also vegan. That’s not the BEST part! The best part is the ingredients are completely RECOGNIZABLE!

The item list you need in order to make these is surprisingly easy to obtain and the items are more than likely in your home already. That’s already an added bonus for you stay-at-home moms! No added grocery trips! Not only is the ingredient list easy, the items that you add can easily be interchangeable. Due to being dairy free, I substituted soy milk and oil based “butter” and they still baked beautifully!

The ingredients are simple to combine, blend together well, and require little effort in mixing!

The next step has the baker (that’s you!) creating the crunchy topping. To be honest, I was expecting this layer to completely melt within the muffin itself.

This section of the recipe is a little harder to mix by hand, but it still mixes rather quickly. The instructions say to spread the smaller mixture on the muffin batter. I took this opportunity to have a little fun with the batter and created spirals!

Overall the muffin mix is delightful! The directions are very easy to follow, the needed additions are within reach, and the end product is beautiful! The taste is a very soft vanilla cake flavor with just enough cinnamon to create a nice compliment. The top is a crunchy coating that melts as you continue to chew and the inside is moist and decadent.

Now! For this beautiful muffin, let’s enjoy some pictures!