[Review]: Pillsbury GF Funfetti Sugar Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies for their birthday?

Personally, I have never been one for cake on special occasions. Often in our household, we tend to gravitate towards a cookie type of dessert instead. It’s no different this time around! I saw this mix around Easter (which happened to be my birthday this year!). I decided to splurge a little and I’m so glad I did!

The box is pretty classic to the pillsbury style. The directions are surprisingly simple, there is no complicated process, and the needed ingredients list is so small! For this box mix, you literally only need one egg and 1 stick of butter! This makes this so very easy for small children to manage the ingredients. Not only does the small list keep the recipe simple, it helps keep the mess down! The instructions even have small drawings demonstrating the needed temperature, a mixer, and an oven ready to go. How cute!

 As a dairy free household, I decided to substitute Smart Balance dairy-free butter. The swap from “real” butter didn’t make a bit of difference in texture from a normal cookie. The box boasts that the mix is easily combined using a hand mixer, but in all honesty, a mixer isn’t really needed. You can easily use a large spoon to combine the ingredients. The batter doesn’t come together in a chunky manner, it quickly becomes smooth. The best part for little ones is the ease in which you can see the sprinkles!

 The mixture is rather easy to make into round cookie shapes if you have little helpers. I personally would recommend using gloves to shape these cookies out simply because they do leave a slightly greasy residue. In our house, I love to utilize tin foil to create less mess and easier removable after baking. These cookies held up well on the foil, didn’t stick at all, and didn’t burn due to surface condition.

And voila! These cookies cook rather quickly so be prepared to keep an eye on them. Overall, I would definitely recommend them especially if you have small children. The instructions are easy to follow, the ingredient list is small, and the bake time is small. The texture is very consistent with cookies that are made with traditional flour, soft and chewy with a small crunch at the edges.  Often gluten free cookies suffers with a waxy, fake aftertaste that makes you not want to eat them. These don’t have anything! The aftertaste is nonexistent, which is fantastic! They go well with milk or on their own. They didn’t last more than two days in my home! Definitely give these a try, you won’t regret having the sweetness in your life!