Love Yourself

Social media tends to encourage us to believe physically we are less than we really are. The word “botox” is thrown around as the consistent Hollywood trend, and we’re told that tanning is how to look golden and young. I, myself, find it hard to ignore the perfect skin of the models on billboards and commercials.

But, the scars we’re so ashamed of are the battle scars of life. They tell stories of each point in our lives. Each night and day filled with laughter, love, and strife and the encouragement of new experiences. It tells of our friendships, our loves, and the moments spent within their arms. The scar that you have hated all this time, suddenly has a whole new set of meanings behind it. What about those freckles you’ve always wished would just disappear? Each freckle has a unique pattern, they are not simply circular in shape. The freckles gracing your face represent summers of beach trips, hiking with friends, and sitting around a campfire. They represent the times you’ve spent in the sun or the genetics you happened to inherit from those you hold dear.

Let’s talk about body shape. So many men and women are trapped by the idea that there are two types of beautiful. Most women feel that either you have to be a vivacious, curvy beauty, or a thin, sassy model to fit the definition of beautiful. In contrast, men are confronted with one image, the image of a chiseled, bearded gentlemen with striking eyes. As much as we wish that everyone could walk around with one of these stereotypes, more often than not, no one comes close. We have curvy hips, chiseled jaws, extra body weight in areas we aren’t exactly comfortable with, non-symmetrical features, and uneven body parts. The things that we mistake as flaws allow us to be vastly distinct and riveting. They allow for each individual to fall in love with a little piece of the other, to remember the small details of each individual they encounter. They are not flaws, they’re strengths.

We are poised to believe that we are meant to be able to reach an unattainable goal of society’s form of perfection. When in reality, we’re made to be incomparable to those around us, create memories that we can’t recreate, and breathe with a sense of growth. We’re meant to be soulful and loving, overbearing and outspoken, and intelligent and encouraging.

We are important and lovely. Love yourself, you are beyond worthy.